Kids Court: Vinoliva Restaurant

Vinoliva Restaurant and Bar is proud to offer a safe and fun Kids Court, perfect for families with young children. Our Kids Court is a dedicated outdoor play area where children can have fun while parents relax and enjoy their meal.

Our Kids Court is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for children to play and explore. The play area is equipped with a variety of age-appropriate games and toys, including slides, swings, and climbing structures, ensuring that children of all ages can find something to enjoy.

Moreover, our Kids Court is staffed with trained professionals who ensure that children are safe and supervised at all times. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are in good hands, allowing them to enjoy their meal and relax.

At Vinoliva, we believe that families should be able to enjoy a meal together, without having to worry about keeping their children entertained. Our Kids Court provides the perfect solution, ensuring that children can have fun and play while parents enjoy their meal in peace.

In addition, our Kids Court is located in a safe and secure area, ensuring that children are protected from traffic and other potential hazards. We take the safety of our young guests very seriously and have taken every step to ensure that our Kids Court is a secure and welcoming space for families.