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Celebrate Women’s Day 2023

Join us at Vinoliva Restaurant and Bar on March 8, 2023, to celebrate Women’s Day 2023.

This day is a celebration of women’s achievements and the progress that has been made towards gender equality. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge the important role that women play in our lives and in society as a whole.

We have planned a special evening of live music, featuring the talented female artist Jenisha Khadka. Her soulful voice and powerful lyrics will make this Women’s Day celebration one to remember. The music will start at 5 PM and will continue into the evening, providing the perfect atmosphere to enjoy good food, drinks, and company.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating Women’s Day at Vinoliva Restaurant and Bar. Let’s come together to honour the women in our lives and continue the journey towards gender equality.

Note that booking is recommended for this event to ensure you have a seat for this special celebration.

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